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Thank you for your interest in NEC Corporation.


For over 31 years NEC Corporation has met the specialized needs of our highly respected customers.


In the early 80’s much of our work came from the defense industry as we provided project management, general construction, electrical, security, data and a host of other services to Rockwell International, Northrop, Goodyear, AT&T, and General Dynamics.  


In the 90’s we expanded our specialized services to accommodate the fast growing Cellular Communication industry, providing multiple services to Pac-Bell, AT&T, Nextel, L.A. Cellular, the State of California, and Goodyear Tires first regional Wi-Fi / RF Logistic data system. Linking offices, forklifts, transporters, and warehouses, to real time information throughout all of Goodyear’s west coast and bay area operations.   


In the 90’s NEC Corporation also embarked down a new road when we were asked to provide turn-key Architectural Design, Engineering, Construction, and Project Management services.


When NEXTEL needed a replacement contractor for the services Motorola was providing, they turned to NEC to provide turn-key installation and deployment of more than 140 data centers in their Southern California cellular network system. NEC Corporation was responsible for all government relations, logistics, installation, deployment, document control, and maintenance. Likewise, when L.A. Cellular needed 750 data centers certified as compliant, inspected, static cleaned, system tested, certified and maintained, NEC Corporation was there to meet their needs.


From our early beginnings with Rockwell International, to the ever changing technology of today, the corporate world has seen a lot of changes. Company mergers, new technology, new government policies, outsourcing, good economies, and bad economies are all just a few of the many changes we have seen over the past 31 years. During this time, NEC Corporations ability to adapt and continually provide the quality services our customers have grown to expect, opened many new doors and created long lasting professional business relationships with our valued customers.


For more than 31 years NEC Corporation has been providing quality services that make a difference. It’s the difference that is made when quality comes first. It’s the difference of having a qualified professional performing the appropriate task. It’s the difference of completing a project on time and under budget. It’s “The Winning Difference”.


Today we continue to offer the same quality services that have been the key to our success. Whether your needs are Government Relations, Site Acquisitions, Grant & Rebate Compliance, Document Control, Project Management, Architectural, Engineering, Structural Overview, Bid Evaluations, General Construction, Electrical, Maintenance, Fiber Optics, or other specialized services, NEC Corporation is here to help.


We hope you find this brief summary helpful as you consider the many choices available to you.  


Should you need any additional information or would like to schedule a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable staff, please feel free to call on us at anytime. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.


Once again, thank you for your interest in NEC.






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