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When looking at nature and Gods incredible work, it doesn't take long to understand how each and every living thing plays an important part in the life's of the others. The mighty crocodile and hippo, despite having very few enemies on the planet are both unable to prevent their teeth from decaying. Without outside help these mighty animals would soon loose their teeth to decay and be unable to hunt or eat and ultimately would die. But thanks to the small Plover bird, the alligators and hippos can lie in the sun with their mouths open wide and enjoy a daily cleaning while the small birds clean each and every tooth and enjoy a uninterrupted free meal.


When the trees and brush in the forest become so thick that daylight and much needed water from the rains can no longer reach the floor of the forest, the large trees and the floor below becomes vulnerable to disease and ultimately dries out and dies. But once again Gods amazing master plan provides the answer. A forest usually receives more strikes of lighting than any where else, and when the forest is not overgrown the trees and brush are moist and do not burn. But when a forest becomes dry and overgrown the lightning strikes can easily ignite a fire that burns the dry diseased overgrowth to the ground. Amazingly the ash from the burnt trees and brush contains nutrients and other important minerals which nourish the surrounding trees and enrich the soil. With the overgrowth now gone the rain waters can reach the forest floor below and soon new samplings appear and the cycle of life begins again.


By now you may be wondering how any of this has anything to do with NEC Corporation. The answer is quite simple. It has everything to do with NEC and the way that we conduct business.


At NEC we believe that if we follow Gods plan and focus more on how we can help and make a difference for others, than we too will enjoy a daily meal and all other areas of our life's will to be nourished and enriched. 


Just as the crocodile and hippo could have ate the Plover bird, so too we all must be careful to select the right customers, employees, suppliers and vendors. NEC has no interests in being involved in any one sided relationships, and we are committed to doing our part to make a difference in the life's of those we can.


To our loyal customers, NEC provides free no cost services as part of our ongoing Customer Support Service and give back program. Free 24/7 secure access on-line document control, free no cost in house financing, and free no cost special events for our customers and their families. 


To our employees, NEC provides free no cost educational assistance, employment perks such as paid vacations, uniforms, healthcare insurance, higher pay, and all the other items that seem to keep disappearing from the work force. We also routinely schedule free no costs special events for our employees and their family's.         


 To our vendors and suppliers, NEC provides one of the fastest pay programs in the industry, ongoing free no cost safety training and necessary supplies, customer referrals, and free no cost special events to be enjoyed with family and friends. 


NEC Corporation also supports numerous charities and organizations through NEC's Make A Difference Fund.


 For over 27 years NEC has relied on the basic principle that everything we need is available to us, we only need focus on the needs of others to receive it.







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