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All services provided by NEC Corporation are performed by qualified seasoned professionals, experienced and properly trained and equipped for their specific trade or task. NEC can customize any of the services we offer to meet your specific project or maintenance needs, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with your unique situations, we are here to help.  


Architectural Design

Full architectural and designing services, feasibility studies, artistic renderings, drafting, and special designs.



Complete engineering services for all categories, civil, electrical, mechanical, structural, or special situations. Structural evaluations, feasibility reports. etc.



All planning services including, plan submittals, public hearings, back office, over the counter, etc.


Government Relations

Development and implementation of comprehensive governmental and regulatory strategies enabling our customers to work within public policy, government jurisdiction, code and regulatory challenges.  


Compliance Service

Complete compliances services, handling government grants, project funding, insurance requirements, AQMD, generators, elevators, fire inspections, life safety, OSHA, fire extinguishers, UPS systems, etc. All with 24/7 support and online access to required permits, applications, licenses, inspections, etc. 


 Document Control

Full document control services handling every type of permitting, licensing, grants, rebates, special use permits, right of ways, handicap requirements, sensitive document control, scanning services, document destruction, archives, and document retrieval services, etc.


Project Management

Complete project management services, handling all aspects such as feasibility studies, planning design and review, bid evaluations, vendor qualification, permitting and licensing, front and back end project management, structural overview, compliance, funding, risk management, document control, and all other project management requirements.



All aspects of ground up development including site acquisition, designing, engineering, architectural, easements, encroachments, planning, permitting, project management, owner representation, and cost control. 


   General Construction

 Turn key General Construction including, multi story buildings, public works, right of way projects, data centers, Cal-Trans, structural steel, vaults, communication sites, logistics facilities, crane work, retrofits, design and build, and much more.



All classes and fields, robotics, motor controls, explosion proof, data centers, cut over’s, change outs, trouble shooting, upgrades, AC & DC voltage, data cabling, CAT-5, underground, aerial lines, fiber optics, traffic loops, etc.


Data, Communications, & Electronic Signs

Fiber optics, towers, monopoles, microwave, repeaters, transmitters, antennas, sweep tests, rooftops, co-locates, plant communications, broadband, radios, heliax, coax, and custom cabling.

Energy Management 

State of the art energy management applications, power and valuable resource reduction strategies, conservation plans, rebate submittals. Full comprehensive facility evaluations and studies to determine the most effective and cost saving plan of action.


Regulatory Testing

Complete regulatory testing for all applications.


UPS Systems 

Installation, maintenance and service, of the most technologically advanced power systems available. Full manufacturer certification and compliance. 


Generator Systems

Installation, maintenance and service, of all brands of emergency back up generators. Emergency support of outages, etc. Auto and manual transfer switches. Full manufacturer certification and compliance.


Drywall & Framing

Drywall, dense glass gold, wonder board, fiberglass framing, metal framing, wood framing, smooth wall, hand textures, spray textures, wall coverings, etc.


Concrete & Asphalt

Foundations, piers, slabs, saw cutting, core drilling, breaking, curb & gutters, sealing and striping.


Data Air Conditioning

Crispaire, Marvair, Comp-Pac, Carrier, Trane, Rheem, Etc. New Installations only.  


Stealth / Fiberglass Screening

MMFG products, custom designs, design and build applications, equipment stealthing, communication stealthing, mono pines, mono palms, and many other applications and designs.



Exterior insulated finish systems, Synergy/Drivet, direct applied exterior finish systems, stucco patches and stucco installations.


Maintenance Service

Full building and plant maintenance, cell sites, communications, professional buildings, warehouses, truck yards, lighting, painting, graffiti removal, fence/wall repairs, windows, doors, landscaping, weed abatement, striping, and irrigation.


Janitorial Service

Full maintenance, computer rooms, site maintenance, anti-static cleaning, dust and particle removal, general cleaning, strip wax, carpet cleaning.



Utility consulting, designs, feasibility studies, City and County, architectural, procedures, etc. 







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