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It is said that success is a direct result of the commitment put forward by an individual or a group of individuals with one common goal. At NEC Corporation we understand the pressure and stress our customers are under, and we appreciate and respect the tough decisions they must make on a daily basis. Our customers are committed, successful, and understand the importance of quality service and workmanship, and the headaches and money it saves them in the years to come.


NEC Corporation is just as committed to our customers success as the individuals and entities we so proudly serve and represent. NEC does not advertise, solicit, or perform any work involving the general public, nor do we accept any work from companies in which we are not completely certain that the services we provide will be a true asset to our customer. Our business philosophy is quite simple. Find a customer who is as committed as we are, and then work our butts off to insure their success.


Consider this. How much more success or more time would you or your company have to focus on more important tasks, if the company you entrusted your projects to was the most knowledgeable, the best equipped, highly skilled, and fully committed to you and your company's goals?


Can you imagine the possibilities just knowing that you have a team of committed individuals that not only understand what needs to be done, but can handle anything or any obstacle that comes their way. NEC Corporation not only makes this a possibility, we have a proven track record for over 31 years in which our customers have enjoyed the benefits of NEC's ongoing commitment to completing a project on time and under budget. At NEC we not only understand how important our responsibilities are, we flat out get it!  And most of all we get things done.  


At NEC Corporation we believe our steadfast commitment to our customers and our high quality on-time services are the reason that NEC  has earned the reputation and respect as the Contractor of Choice.


If you are looking for a company with the same professional commitment as yourself. We are here when you need us.








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